Raipher Celebrates Women who Pioneer

Raipher, P.C. is proud to sponsor Nexstar’s nationwide 2023 Woman of the Year Award – Remarkable Women!


About the Award

Nexstar’s Woman of the Year Awards go to women who’ve influenced the public in some way in the United States. Nexstar has 114 participating markets across the country and each of them nominated four local women for the title of “Remarkable Woman”. These four women have been inserted into the competition based on their contributions to their communities, self-achievements, and impacts. By April, each market will have selected their Remarkable Woman, and 113 of the 114 women will choose a charity for Nexstar Charitable Foundation to donate $1,000 to on their behalf. The one woman who would be nominated as the “Nexstar Woman of the Year” will get to choose a charity for Nexstar to donate $5,000 to on their behalf. This woman will be announced on NewsNation one-hour exclusive telecast shortly after.

Women in the Office

Out of the 27 staff at Raipher, P.C. over half are women! In total, five women are attorneys, one is the marketing director and one is an intern for said director, one is the receptionist, and ten are assistants making the firm a predominantly women-run.

In the Community

Taylor Lavallee is only one of the five women attorneys at our firm, but she makes sure she has an impact inside and outside of her career. Taylor mentors women business students at Springfield Technical Community College, and meets with women in business schools a few times a month to help them build the skills they’ll need throughout their career. She is a proud member of the Professional Women’s Chamber of Commerce, and dedicates her free time to helping young women jumpstart their careers the same way she was helped by other women when she was starting hers.

Learn More

To learn more about this contest, please visit https://www.wwlp.com/remarkablewomen/#//

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