Holyoke Youth Football, Inc.
Sponsored by Raipher, P.C.

The lawyers here at Raipher, P.C. are dedicated, passionate professionals who strive to provide the best possible legal advocacy and counsel to their clients. Our attorneys and staff are proud of their reputation for winning their clients the best results. But what is behind the results?

Purpose, preparation, dedication, hard work, honesty, common sense, and compassion. These are the foundational blocks upon which Raipher Pellegrino, the firm’s founder, built his winning reputation. Win or lose, Raipher understands that putting forth your best effort is what really matters. Because when you put in the work, it’s not “win or lose”; it’s “win or learn.”

Raipher also understands that kids, or young student athletes, must put in a good amount of work to give their best performance. This is especially true for kids from low-income, under-resourced communities that want to get out on the field and be a part of a sports team. These young athletes face unique challenges when preparing to take the field compared to many of their opponents.

Here in Western Massachusetts, youth sports programs in lower-income communities do not receive the level of financial support available in higher-income areas in the region. That’s why Raipher and the Raipher, P.C. team have chosen to help support the Holyoke Youth Football organization. Holyoke Youth Football, Inc. (HYF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that oversees three youth football teams comprised of students in grades four through eight. The three Holyoke Knights youth football teams play each of their home games at Holyoke High School from September through November.

We at Raipher, P.C. recognize the work that Holyoke Youth Football has been doing to maintain and grow their organization to provide kids in Holyoke the opportunity to be successful student athletes. Our goal is to provide financial and organizational support to HYF so that the youth athletes can thrive. This is not just a sponsorship, but a partnership. Just as the attorneys at Raipher, P.C. are trusted legal partners, the firm is also a partner in the community and will be working closely with HYF to ensure their organization is well maintained.

We are asking you as a member of the community to please join us in support of Holyoke Youth Football this season. Your donation will allow 120 athletes of all genders in grades four through eight to take the field with confidence. We at Raipher, P.C. are looking forward to highlighting the generosity of donors on homefield banners, social media posts, at community events, and in gameday programs. The athletes and coaches at HYF are going to continue to put their best foot forward and get their athletes on the field each week whether the community steps up to help them or not. We recognize this as an opportunity to help propel HYF to the next level and hope you do too!

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