Amputation / Loss of Limb
You’ve just been involved in an accident and have been amputated, or you lost a limb. You might be entitled to claim compensation for your loss. It’s time to preserve your full legal rights by acting fast. We help getting you the compensation, care and medical benefits you deserve after such a tragic accident.
Recovering Financially After the Loss of a Body Part
One of the most shocking injuries people can experience in a motorcycle accident, car collision or workplace accident is the loss of a limb — a leg, an arm, a hand or a finger. Once the initial shock wears off, the injured person begins a long period of recovery with the help of prosthetics, physical therapy and, often, emotional therapy as well.

In many cases, the injured person will regain a great deal of functioning and will remain independent and employable. In some cases, the person may no longer be able to do the work they once did, or may need adaptive equipment in order to work.

Our injury attorneys have obtained significant compensation to cover medical bills, rehabilitation therapy, prosthetics, adaptive equipment, and vocational retraining for people who have lost a limb due to amputation.

If you were injured at work
Industrial and construction jobs are particularly dangerous, with a number of workplace hazards that can result in the loss of fingers or hands. In Massachusetts, as in many other states, the workers’ compensation system sets a specific financial value on the loss of body parts. You will receive a lump sum for loss of a finger, hand or foot.

In some cases, your compensation ends with that lump-sum payment. In other situations, we may be able to seek compensation from a party other than your employer. If a third party was at fault or contributed to the accidental amputation, we can file a personal injury claim against that party.

If you were injured because of someone else’s negligence
In personal injury and medical malpractice cases (as opposed to workers’ comp claims), no arbitrary dollar value has been placed on the loss of a body part. Instead, the ultimate settlement is decided in negotiation with an insurance company or in court.

You can seek compensation for your medical costs, prosthetic and adaptive equipment costs, therapy, retraining and vocational counseling, pain and suffering, and future medical costs.

The loss of that body part will have a significant effect on your vocational ability. This is where analysis and legal advocacy enter the picture. We work with vocational planners and financial analysts to document your abilities and any disabilities in order to understand and quantify the lifetime financial consequences of your loss.

As in any personal injury case, when we represent someone who has lost a limb, we have two goals. First, we must prove that the defendant was at fault. Then, our lawyers need to document the full extent of the injuries and how much they will cost our client today, tomorrow and in the future.

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Having Attorney Pellegrino and his staff on my side helped me to overcome a very difficult situation. They were well versed regarding the law and helped me make informative decisions. I would definitely recommend his firm to others.

Debra Liptak


Very professional in their approach. They also took the time to explain everything in terms we understood. Also friendly from the start.

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Wonderful experience. Treated me with such respect during a difficult time in my life.

Susan Hietnanen

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