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As Your Family Changes, So Must Your Parenting Plan
A child custody agreement needs to be a living document that is responsive to the needs of the child and the parents. The child custody agreement that was reached at the time of a child’s birth or at the time of a divorce may not be appropriate when your child is 12 or 17. A modification may be needed.

The child custody attorneys of Raipher, P.C., work with clients throughout their children’s lives to help make adjustments to custody and parenting plans. If your previous agreement is no longer right for your family, contact our offices to speak with an experienced child custody lawyer. We will listen to your concerns and explain how to seek a modification of an existing order, as well as any challenges you may face in doing so.

Reasons For Seeking a Modification of a Child Custody and Parenting Plan Order
Courts do not modify custody and parenting plan orders or agreements unless there is a good reason to do so. Some reasons that parents may give when seeking a change of parenting time or custody include:

  • The child’s needs have changed and it now makes more sense to live with the other parent for reasons of school, child care, medical needs, etc.
  • The child is older and now wishes to live with the other parent
  • One parent has been consistently violating the parenting plan order
  • One parent is relocating out of state and wants to move the child with him or her
  • Proving that a change will be in your child’s best interest

If a custodial parent seeks to relocate a child out of state, they will need the non-custodial parent’s consent or the court’s permission. An attorney will need to prove to the court that there is a real advantage to the move, and that it is in the best interest of the child. Some of the reasons a court may accept as valid include moving for better employment, for financial improvement, to be closer to family, or for remarriage.

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