Professional Licenses

Professional License Board Representation
Many professions and occupations require practitioners to be licensed by state agencies and regulatory boards. Our lawyers represent a wide range of professionals in licensing hearings and proceedings. We provide legal counsel throughout the Northeast and across the nation in matters involving charges of professional misconduct.
Examples Of Our Cases
The attorneys at Raipher, P.C. represent:

  • Business/medical professionals facing disciplinary hearings, regulatory hearings or professional licensing board hearings in relation to a license acquisition, licensing disputes, license suspension or revocation of a professional license
  • Defense contractors and government suppliers who face debarment from government contracting and loss of security clearance status
  • Students and professors facing expulsion or firing
  • Security brokers
  • Real Estate brokers
  • Doctors, Dentists, Chiropractors
  • Nurses
  • Public officials

Our lawyers also represent state and federal public officials facing criminal charges. These people face public censure, job loss and even jail time if convicted of public corruption, bribery and other ethics violations. Such cases are always high-profile matters. We are uniquely able to handle all such matters because we have attorneys within our firm able to advise clients on both the civil and criminal aspects of the matters with sensitivity, using our familiarity with the media to protect clients’ privacy and their right to a fair hearing.

Disciplinary Hearings and Loss of License
We represent doctors, nurses, dentists, chiropractors, psychologists, attorneys, accountants, bankers, inside and outside directors and service providers who require a license to do business. Some of the charges they face include professional malpractice, improper solicitation of clients, failure to maintain proper information filings with the professional license board, billing practice claims, tax problems and character issues. We appear on clients’ behalf before medical licensing boards and other agencies.
Government Contract Debarment
Companies found to have committed ethical violations or criminal offenses could be prevented from doing business with the government. Our attorneys defend companies against charges that could result in the loss of a government contract or a prohibition against bidding on future contracts.
Security Clearances
If you or your company have had any encounters with the law, check with an attorney about the possible effect on your security status. Our attorneys represent government contractors, government officials and government employees who face revocation of their security clearance before several administrative bodies.

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