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I Started a Business: Do I Need a Business Lawyer?

You’ve taken the monumental step of starting your own business. Whether you’re launching a tech-savvy startup or selling T-shirts online, there are countless new responsibilities. One question that every new entrepreneur will consider: Do I really need a business lawyer?

How to Obtain a Divorce in Massachusetts

Divorcing your spouse is a difficult emotional and financial situation. Understanding the steps required for filing for a divorce in Massachusetts might help lower your stress.

How to Get Joint Custody in Massachusetts

Learn what’s crucial to gaining joint custody in Massachusetts and the steps you need to take. Also covered: sole vs joint custody, legal and physical custody, visitation rights…etc.

10 Things Not to Do If You’re Being Arrested

It can happen to anyone. People get arrested, even when they haven’t committed a crime. Whether you have or have not broken the law, you still have rights. To preserve these, you need to be aware of the ten most important things not to do when being arrested.

Personal Injury Cases – A Typical Timeline

Though the personal injury timeline follows a basic sequence, it’s not linear and it’s not speedy. All legal proceedings are time consuming, but personal injury cases are particularly so. It’s an arduous process gathering all the facts. Researching,...

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